3 Sure Tips On How To Save Safaricom Data Bundles In 2022

3 Sure Tips On How To Save Safaricom Data Bundles In 2022

According to statistics results released by Safaricom PLC for the six month period ended September 30th, 2021, mobile data revenue grew 6.3% YoY to Ksh23M

This was largely contributed by the working from home trend brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic which saw an increase in excise duty on airtime and other telephony services from 15-20% in July 2021 leading to the absorption of tax on mobile data from August 2021

Similarly, active 4G devices grew 37.3% while 4G handsets consuming more than 1GB grew 22.2% representing 48% of all 4G devices.

These figures are further expected to rise as Safaricom seeks to expand its 2G,3G and 4G coverage which currently stands at 97%, 96% and 96% respectively through initiatives that unlock latent potential in usage and growth in addition to device financing programs such as Lipa MdogoMdogo that drive smartphone penetration.

Access to Safaricom data is as simple as purchasing any of the data bundle options available via *544# (Uwezo tariff) and *555# (Blaze tariff) subscribers.

However, the duration of the purchased data bundle is dependent on two factors which include;

1. Type of purchased bundle (expiry/non-expiry)
2. Bundle purpose i.e. what the bundle is used for streaming, downloads, gaming etc whereby the heavier the usage, the quicker the data depletion.

Fortunately, Safaricom has integrated two methods with which one can use to prolong the usage of Safaricom data bundles.

How To Save Safaricom Data Bundles

Besides the Safaricom services available via the SIMtoolkit and the various used codes such as *100# and “234#. 

The network provider also offers apps such as MySafaricom and M-Pesa for easier access to additional features not available within the aforementioned platforms.

One of such features is the ‘data saving’ feature available in the MySafaricom app which can be activated using the procedures below;

Launch the MySafaricom app [ Playstore / Appstore ]
Click on ‘Data, Calls, SMS and Airtime’
Tap on ‘No expiry’ tab
Click on ‘View and manage data usage’

On the next screen, you will see the 3 options available to manage your Safaricom data usage.

1. My Usage Limit

This option allows you to set your data limit either daily/weekly/monthly. To enable this, click on your preferred duration and click ‘Set limit’

This action will require you to choose a data unit (MB/GB) and the limit amount then proceed to click the ‘Set limit’ tab.

How To Save Safaricom Data Bundles Via Usage Limit Feature

2. Data Save

This option ensures Safaricom data lasts longer by reducing your data browsing and download speeds. To enable this, click on the ‘Activate data save’ button.

How To Save Safaricom Data Bundles Via Data Save Feature

3. My Data Manager

This option ensures that your airtime is not used up to browse when your data bundles are exhausted. To enable this, click on the ‘Activate My Data Manager’ button.

How To Save Safaricom Data Bundles Via My Data Manager Feature

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