How To Apply Equity Eazzy Loan

For many years equity banks have been trusted by its members .Equity bank has offered eazzy loan services where equity customers can apply for loans instantly and get the loan

Equity customers can monitor their loan limits and loan balances .Equity customers who request the loan instantly get the loan available in their accounts. Equity banks offer a easy and flexible period of 1-12 months,the loan facility is safe and secure for its customers.

To apply an eazzy loan equity customers who qualify this loan must be an active member and account holder for the previous six months,also active on equity self-services.

Equity bank has gone through big transformation,these transformation has improved banking presence and efficiency.Many entrepreneurs and business people have been able to grow and engaging in many banking services and policy improvement .

Equity members can request their loans using the following equity banking services .

1. Equity mobile app .
2. Equity line using ussd code *247#.
3. Use of a sim tool kit – equitel line .
4. Eazzy App.

Eazzy App

Equity members who have active accounts are able to check their loan limits using eazzy loans.  The eazzy loan comes with an interest late between 2% & 10% depending on credit history.Equity members can apply the loan using eazzy app following simple steps;

i. Log in to the eazzy app
ii. Select loans
iii. Select request loan
iv. Select the bank accounts that the loan should be deposited into
v. Write the amount would like to borrow and click enter
vi. Click on request loan
vii. Confirm details, accept the terms & conditions and click request loan .
viii. A short sms will be received on confirmation of the loan .

Active members will be able to see payment details like loan duration, estimated amount due & repayment day.

Using Equitel line

Equity members have enjoyed  the freedom of using equity banking self services at ease and at their comfort at home or at office,using their mobile phone.

Equity customers can get equitel line to the nearest equity bank.An eligible member can get an eazzy loan if one has an active  account or active equitel line .

A period of 6 months of being an active account holder an eazzy loan of up 3 million instantly on your mobile phone is approved. Equity customers find it safe and secure using equitel that allows one to access eazzy loans anywhere and anytime.

Active members can apply eazzy loan using the following steps;

i. Go to equitel menu
ii. Click my money
iii. Select loans
iv. Select get loans
v. Select loan type
vi. Click account
vii. Enter amount
viii. Confirm details, accept the terms and condition and request loan
ix. Enter PIN
x. You will receive an sms for confirmation

Using USSD Code

Simplicity and eazzy banking self service, equity clients can connect to equity self banking using ussd code *247# using any network with no internet connection needed. Members can bank from the comfort of their homes and offices . Ussd code can access loan services through a clear display menu on the screen which is easy and short to use.

Equity customers  can apply an eazzy loan by following the steps;

i. On your phone dial *247#
ii. Select eazzy loan
iii. Select payment period
iv. Choose amount to borrow
v. Select account to deposit the loan
vi. Confirm loan details and click accept
vii. Enter your mobile banking pin and send
viii. You will receive an sms for confirmation.

Equity Mobile App

Equity bank  has offered simple and easy banking services.Equity mobile app has a new age digital user experience.The equity mobile app has enabled its customers to access their funds as well to get instant loans.Customers can access all digital financial services where enhanced security comes packed in the app.

Members can apply  eazzy loan  using equity app by following the steps;

i. Click on the equity menu
ii. Choose my money then click on loan
iii. Select get loans and choose loan type
iv. The bank will show  the loan limit one qualify for
v. Choose your account and enter the amount you require
vi. Verify your details.

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