How To Apply Temporary Passport In Kenya

A passport is a document issued by the directorate of immigration service to Kenyan citizens. The passport will be valid for a maximum period of ten years to enable Kenyans to travel abroad, the passport section got its mandate from section 24-31 of the Kenyan citizenship and immigration act 2011 and regulation.

Kenya launched e-passport which issues digital passports in the year of September 2017.Kenyans can currently apply for passports at the processing stations which are in Nairobi, Kisii, Embu, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret and six foreign missions.


Temporary passports allow Kenyans to only travel within East African countries like, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda.

The vast wide spread of technology and advancement ,Kenyan’s have found it easy to apply for a temporary passport .Kenyans can finish processing of applying for a passport provided one has the required document ,where the process can take one hour .Kenyans could also finish the process online logging in to the e-citizen platform.

Kenyans who have been issued temporary passports, are issued to attend emergency situations and their needs as soon as possible. Temporary passports are short term passports which are valid to a specific date chosen by the applicant. Kenyans have found it an efficient and informative procedure on how to apply for an emergency passport.


Kenyans who are applying temporary passport can follow the following procedure;

  • Sign in to the e-citizen portal using the link http//e citizen And if you don’t have an account  you will need to create an account
  • Go to the department of immigration services
  • Choose temporary permits and select the application that favors you
  • Select apply now and get started
  • Fill in the application forms correctly and upload the required documents
  • Payments are made using preferred methods based on payments options offered
  • Download your forms
  • Print the application forms
  • Attach your passport photo on the application form
  • Submit your temporary passport application form in person to the immigration officer

Kenyans find temporary passports affordable since it costs Ksh 350 and takes an average ten working days for temporary passports to be processed and ready to use. Kenyans who have applied for temporary passports cannot renew their passports since they lack validity when they are given a short duration to expire.

Passports can be renewed as well as replaced because if one is traveling for a longer period it’s best to apply for a passport .The payments for a passport depends on preferred passport type. The printed forms for temporary permits will be required to be presented during the day of appointment at the immigration officer, your national identity card and if one is under 18 years of age you must carry with your birth certificate.

A Kenyan who has a registered passport will expire after ten years of period .A need to get another one is required. If you have an expired passport here are requirements for applying for a new one.;

  1. Applicants must present themselves for photos and biometric captures and profile details
  2. An e citizen passport application form filled correctly and three invoices
  3. Expired passport and photocopy of last two pages
  4. Original national identity card and photocopy
  5. Three current passport size photos
  6. Recommenders identity card which is certified by a lawyer

The applicant must not be an immediate relative and the application must be recommended in section 7 by citizens of Kenya. Kenyans who are renewing their passports will start the application process on the e citizen platform.

Applicant can pay for their passport using mpesa, debit card, prepaid debit card, airtel money, credit cards and e citizen agent .

Applicants who have applied for passports will require to book an appointment one citizen platform and choose a date that works for you and that for immigration center where you want submit your application .At the immigration center officials will attend you having the required documents and take fingerprint, digital photo and signature.

Expired passport fees depend on the class and series applied for. The passport will be available for collection after 30 days after successful application. Also lost Kenyan passports one will require to apply for another one to be able to travel. Replacing another one is quite easy, but one needs other extra requirements like; affidavit, abstract, and a letter explaining the loss of the passport.

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