How To Check M-Pesa Transaction Codes In 2022

How To Check M-Pesa Transaction Codes In 2022

M-Pesa is among the globally recognized money transfer services that can be used to send/receive funds both locally and abroad.

Using the M-Pesa service is as simple as buying a Safaricom line and activating the M-Pesa service via M-Pesa agent or Safaricom outlet.

Upon activation, one will be able access the M-Pesa services via the SIMtoolkit or other platforms such as Ussd codes *234# and*334#, M-Pesa app [ Playstore / Appstore ] as well as the MySafaricom app [ Playstore / Appstore ]

Through any of the above, M-Pesa subscribers are able to effect various transactions such as sending & withdrawing cash, purchasing airtime, Lipa na M-Pesa, loans & savings etc.

With each of the aforementioned transactions, a 10-digit alphanumeric code is automatically generated commonly referred to as the M-Pesa transaction code.

The M-Pesa transaction code is typically useful in the identification of various transactions effected via the M-Pesa platform 

How To Check M-Pesa Transaction Codes

Currently, there are several options available for identifying an M-Pesa transaction code and they include;

1. Via SMS

Upon completion of an M-Pesa transaction, an M-Pesa SMS is usually sent to the transactor. The M-Pesa SMS usually bears the M-Pesa transaction code along with other details such as recipient, amount, time, date, balance etc depending on the nature of the transaction.

How To Check M-Pesa Transaction Codes Via SMS

2. Via M-Pesa App

This is the official M-Pesa dedicated app provided by Safaricom. Through the app, an M-Pesa transaction code can be accessed via the M-Pesa statements.

To do this, click on ‘See All’ link and tap on any of the available transactions. 

This action will reveal the transaction details including the M-Pesa transaction code.

How To Check M-Pesa Transaction Codes Via M-Pesa App

3. Via MySafaricom App

Similar to the M-Pesa app, MySafaricom app is also an official Safaricom product that centralizes all of Safaricom’s services including checking M-Pesa transaction codes.

To do this, launch the app and tap on the ‘M-Pesa’ menu located at the bottom.

Proceed and click on the ‘M-Pesa statement’ tab to generate the M-Pesa statement containing all transaction details including M-Pesa transaction code.

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