How To Get Equity Bank Statement

Equity bank has helped equity customers to access their equity accounts anywhere at their freedom.Customers  can get their bank statement through banking services offered by equity banks.Customers can access their accounts and know how much they have spent in their account.

Equity customers can easily know their transaction dates, one can refer to a bank statement using banking services like.

i.Eazzy app.
ii.Visit local bank
iii.Call customer care.
iv.Online banking.
v.Using USSD code
vi.Downloading equity statement to pdf
vii.Using equity sim tool kit.

Eazzy App

Eazzy mobile banking is an app which has made it simple and easy to use.

The app has made it able for equity customers to access ;funds ,savings,bills payments and facilities efficients funds transfer.Equity eazzy app offers a new digital generation users experience.

The app is very secure with enhanced security where self services offer to block your card.

Equity customers can get all financial services in the portal.

Customers access a wide range of mini statements at least a number of transactions.Instant download of bank account statements is efficient.

Equity customers can activate the app by;

i.Download the app
ii.Click register
iii.Create your profile
iv.Open an account

Equity USSD

Equity bank has offered variety of  their services .The short code *247# is a mobile banking service which is offered through all telcos in the country including , safaricom ,Airtel, Telkom & Equitel . This mobile banking service customers can gain access to financial services with no need of data .

Equity customers access an expanded range of banking  services and manage their accounts using the short code.

Equity SIM Toolkit

Equity bank has simplify customers life and made it run smooth, equity bank has offered equitel line that has all banking services and manage of money at ease.Customers can check their bank statements following the simple steps;

i.Go to my money
ii.Bank balances
iii.Statements by sms
iv.Select account
v.Enter pin
vi.Get started.


Equity online banking has allowed equity customers to perform banking services at home and office through the internet. Equity customers  can visit the equity website and register a profile and create a new password.

Online bank users can use their personal finances .Customers can download transaction receipts and statements.

Online Banking

Equity bank has created a channel where equity online users can access their accounts where one can download pdf statements. Here  are ways equity online users can get to their accounts and download their statements;

i.Visit bank’s websites ,
ii.Log in to equity to equity online banking,
iii.Click statement e-document or download ,
iv.Make sure you have selected to correct account,
v.Choose a statement ,
vi.Choose the download.

Local Equity Bank Branch

Equity banks have been one of  the best banks in Kenya ,customers prefer using equity banks since efficient and quality service to its members. Equity bank has invested with experienced personnel

Who ensures Kenyans to enjoy smooth services and the security of money.

Equity members got the accessibility to track their transaction of money and get to know how much they have spent in a period of time. Equity members visit their local bank where the customer follows the steps the  teller will get to give the member, so that one can get a bank statement.Equity bank facilitates the best services which customers appreciate.

Customer Care

Equity members have found it easy and simple to contact their banks and get of the best ways to contact equity bank customer care number, +254763063000, 0763000000.Equity banks can be contacted through email and social media pages.

Equity customers contact the official numbers where one can ask for a bank statement , where the customer care is able to provide the customer with the statement .Customer care services assistant helps the whole process.

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