How To Send Money Via M-Pesa App In 2022

How To Send Money Via M-Pesa App In 2022

The M-Pesa app is a product from Safaricom that was released on May 28,2021 and as at the time of publishing this post, it has since amassed 5M+ downloads on the Playstore.

The app allows Safaricom subscribers convenient access to a variety of M-Pesa services including; Sending/ receiving money, Paybill, Buy Goods, Pochi La Biashara, Global Pay, Withdrawals (Agent/ATM), Airtime purchases, M-Pesa statements, Fuliza, KCB M-Pesa, MShwari etc.

In addition, the M-Pesa app also provides access to service portals for external service providers such as;

AAR InsuranceAdamAMREF
Be WellBuuPassBookAFlight
CPFCar InsuranceDSTV
Digital Saccoe-ZawadiGoTV
GiftPesaInsureMeKodris Africa
MakaoMadaraka ExpressMadison Group

However to access any of the above services, activation of the app is required.

How To Activate M-Pesa App

Download, install and launch the M-Pesa app [ Playstore / Appstore ]
Click on ‘Sign In’
Read, understand and agree to the privacy policy
Enter M-Pesa PIN
Take a profile picture (optional)

Upon completion, you will be logged in the app whereby you will be able to access the core M-Pesa function features such as; Send & Request, Pay, Withdraw and Airtime

How To Send Money Via M-Pesa App

There are currently two methods for sending money via the M-Pesa app. These include;

1. Via ‘Send and Request’ feature

Click on the green reverse arrows
Tap ‘Send money’
Either use the ‘Search contacts’ or ‘Enter phone number’ options to input the recipient number
Enter amount to send
Click ‘Send’
Enter M-Pesa PIN to finalize the transaction process

2. Via ‘Transact’ feature

Click on ‘Transact’ located at the bottom of menu
Under the ‘Send and Request’ section, click on ‘Send Money’
Search for a specific contact or enter it manually
Input the amount to be sent
Click ‘Send’
Input the M-Pesa PIN to complete the process

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