Is Western Union Linked To M-Pesa In 2022?

Is Western Union Linked To M-Pesa In 2022?

Western Union and M-Pesa are both world renowned money transfer services that can be used to send/receive funds globally.

However, these are 2 entirely different platforms managed by separate entities whereby Western Union is offered by Western Union Bank in partnership with Western Union international Ltd whereas MShwari is a product from Safaricom.

Therefore it begs the question, can these two services be linked and integrated to provide seamless transactions?

Well……. the simple answer is yes!

This has already been made possible by the M-Pesa app and in order to use the app to send money, simply follow the procedure below;

1. Download, install and launch the M-Pesa app [ Playstore / Appstore ]
2. Tap on the ‘Transact’ tab located at the bottom of the screen
3. Under the ‘Send & Request’ section, click on ‘Global’
4. Tap on ‘Send to Western union’
5. Select the recipient country from the list of countries provided
6. Enter first and last name
7. Enter amount to send
8. Select your source of funds from the available list i.e. salary/business/savings/others etc.
9. Select the purpose of the funds form the available list i.e. investment/business/pension/gift/donation/others etc.

A detail summary is displayed containing;
– Destination country
– Recipient
– Sending amount
– Receiving amount

Click on ‘Send to Western Union’ then enter M-Pesa PIN to finalize the transaction process

Once submitted, an MTCN reference tracking number is generated useful for tracking the transferred funds.

How To Track Funds Using MTCN Number Via Western Union

Navigate directly to the Western Union track transfer website
Enter the 10-digit MTCN number
Click ‘Continue’

The transfer status will be displayed depending on the progress i.e. when the funds are ready for pickup to the point of actual pickup by the recipient.

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