List Of Taraji Sacco Branches & Contacts [2022]

List Of Taraji Sacco Branches & Contacts [2022]

Initially, Taraji sacco started out as Siaya Teachers Sacco in 1978 with the main objective of facilitating affordable credit to its 100 pioneer members.

As the sacco’s outreach grew to accommodate even more teachers as well as the general public, it was ultimately awarded the recognition of being the best managed sacco within the region in 2017.

Since then, the sacco’s membership has ballooned to over 3000 members thereby requiring its expansion to other regions through various branches so as to take services closer to the people.

Some of the Taraji sacco branches include;

Headquarters (Siaya)Siaya Teachers Plaza, along Oginga Odinga Rd0733409744
Ugunja branchKBC Building along Ugunja Busia Rd0746386078
Bondo branchJenoh Plaza, opposite Kenya Women0718217768

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