Which Is The Cheapest Safaricom Tariff In 2022?

Which Is The Cheapest Safaricom Tariff In 2022?

In Kenya, there are 3 major mobile network providers i.e. Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom.

According to a Q3 sector statistics report for the financial year ’21/’22 shared by CAK, mobile subscription per operator stood at;

Safaricom (64.8%), Airtel (26.1%), Telkom (6.4%) & others (2.7%) for prepaid customers
Safaricom (89%), Airtel (6.7%), Telkom (6.7%) for postpaid customers

With the above figures, it is accurate to conclude that Safaricom holds dominance owing to its wide array of popular services such as M-Pesa, Mshwari, Fuliza, KCB M-Pesa, Halal Pesa etc

Besides the above, the network provider’s core services i.e. Calls, Data & SMS also hold competition in comparison to other telecom provider’s products within the same range.

Currently, Safaricom offers 2 tariffs under its prepaid plan. These include;

1. Blaze tariff
2. Uwezo tariff

How To Migrate To Blaze Tariff

Blaze tariff was initially targeted towards individuals between the ages of 10-26 years but is currently accessible to all prepaid subscribers regardless of age.

To change to blaze tariff, simply dial *555# and select option 1 to confirm that you want to join blaze

How To Migrate To Blaze Tariff

How To Migrate To Uwezo Tariff

By default, Safaricom subscribers are assigned to the Uwezo tariff. 

However, to change from Blaze to Uwezo tariff, one simply needs to unsubscribe from Blaze. To do this, dial *555# and select option 15 to unsubscribe from Blaze.

How To Migrate To Uwezo Tariff

Each of the above tariffs offer different product options to their subscribers dependent on their individual preferences.

Below are some of the differences between the 2 tariffs and how to access each of their individual features.

 Blaze TariffUwezo Tariff
AccessibilityDial *555#Dial *544#
Balance InquiryDial *555#
Select option 13: Balance
Dial *544#
Select option 9: Balance & Tips
Select option 1: Balance
Join TariffDial *555#
Select option 1: Yes
Select *555#
Select option 15: Unsubscribe from Blaze
Non-Expiry bundlesDial *555#
Select option 3: Plans with no expiry
Select option 4: Data (No expiry)
Dial *544#
Select option 5: No expiry bundles
Okoa DataDial *555#
Select option 9: Okoa bundle
Dial *544#
Select option 7: Okoa data
Buy NewspaperN/ADial *544#
Select option 11: Buy Newspaper
Lipa MdogoMdogoN/ADial *544#
Select option 8: Lipa MdogoMdogo
Sambaza InternetN/ADial *544#
Select option 12: Sambaza internet
End of Call notificationDial *555#
Select option 16: End of call notification
Stop AutorenewDial *555#
Select option 12: Stop Autorenew
Dial *544#
Select option 9: Balance & Tips
Select option 5: Stop Autorenew
Data DealsDial *555#
Select option 2: Data deals
Dial *544#
Select option 1: My Data deals
Out of Bundle AlertsN/ADial *544#
Select option 9: Balance & Tips
Select option 7: Out of bundle Alerts
4G CheckN/ADial *544#
Select option 13: Is My SIM 4G enabled?

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