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3 Clever Ways To Effectively Call A Blocked Number In Kenya (2022) - RadaSacco

3 Clever Ways To Effectively Call A Blocked Number In Kenya (2022)

3 Clever Ways To Effectively Call A Blocked Number In Kenya (2022)

Communication is a vital part of humanity that is applicable in various scenarios of our day to day lives.

From the prehistoric era of smoke signals to the current 21st century whereby the same is achieved through the use of sophisticated technology such as mobile phones and computers.

Despite such advancements, there are instances whereby interaction is unwanted and as such, people go to great lengths to ensure that they are unreachable due to various personal reasons e.g. emotional healing, harassment, personal privacy, unsolicited spam etc

Currently, there are several methods with which one can use in order to prevent interaction via phone calls or SMS and one of the most popular forms is number blocking.

Blocking a number refers to the intentional denial of an external phone number from accessing one’s phone number.

How To Block A Phone Number

In Kenya, there are various methods to block a phone number depending on the technology available at one’s disposal. These may include;

1. Switching off phone
2. Activating airplane mode
3. Diverting calls
4. Activating call barring
5. Activating DND settings
6. Enabling phone block settings
7. Installing third party call block software

How To Know If Someone Has Blocked Your Number

Majority of the times, blocking a phone number is usually a discreet affair whereby the intended person is not notified regarding the same.

However, there is one sure tell-tale signal to know if you’re a victim of your phone number being blocked and that is through multiple disconnections upon initiating a phone call.

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While at times this scenario may be attributed to network issues, several attempts yielding the aforementioned results should be a clear indicator that you have been given the ‘ban’

Myths Regarding Calling A Blocked Number

While being blocked might server communication attempts, there are certain misconceptions that one can be able to call a blocked number and they include;

1. Using a landline
2. Disguising caller ID
3. Using a different number
4. Dialing using the *67 prefix

How To Effectively Call A Blocked Number In Kenya

The only effective way to call a blocked number is via the use of VoIP systems.

VoIP refers to voice over internet protocol which is basically audio transmitted via an internet connection through a smartphone, computer or any other compatible mobile device. 

In short, VoIP simply overrides dependence on SIM cards through ‘packet switching’ in comparison to traditional phone systems which apply ‘circuit switching’

Packet switching is the transmission of data upon request while circuit switching is the connection of a caller/receiver via a circuit.

In addition, VoIP is essentially more cost effective than the latter.

How To Access VoIP

VoIP is currently in use by majority of the popular apps such as;

1. Truecaller [Playstore / Appstore ]

Truecaller is a call identification tool that doubles up as a call blocker, recorder and chat application.

To call a blocked number using Truecaller, simply follow the below steps

Download, install and launch the Truecaller app
Register your phone number
Search or enter a contact number
Tap the ‘Voice call’ option to make a call using the internet

2. WhatsApp [Playstore / Appstore]

WhatsApp is another popular chat messaging app provided by Meta. To call a blocked number using WhatsApp, follow the procedure below.

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Download, install and launch the WhatsApp app
Register your mobile number
Search for a contact
Tap the ‘Voice call’ option to make a call via the internet

3. Messenger [Playstore / Appstore]

Messenger is another chat app provided by Meta. To call a blocked number via messenger, 

Download, install and launch the Messenger app
Tap on a contact
Select the ‘Voice call’ option

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