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3 Sure Ways To Get Free Safaricom Data Bundles In 2022 - RadaSacco

3 Sure Ways To Get Free Safaricom Data Bundles In 2022

3 Sure Ways To Get Free Safaricom Data Bundles In 2022

There is no greater feeling of satisfaction to a customer than receiving a valued item/service at half the price or better yet, for free (without stealing of course!)

While this might seem like a calculated loss to the untrained business lot, it is actually a marketing tactic employed to retain existing customers while attracting potential ones as well.

In Kenya, there exists such marketing gimmicks in the form of promotional offers such as;

– Buy a particular product and get another for free.
– Buy a certain quantity at a discounted rate.

Other tactics include offering a particular/service absolutely for free albeit for a limited time period which is ‘notoriously’ rampant in the telecommunications sector predominantly led by the powerhouse that is Safaricom or having variations of a particular product such as making Safaricom bundles not to expire.

Despite its dominance, the network is always looking to increase its subscriber base through incentives in the form of free data.

How To Get Free Data From Safaricom

1. Via M-Pesa App

The Safaricom M-Pesa app is a revolutionary product that offers all Safaricom services through an application that can be downloaded from the Playstore or Appstore.

Safaricom subscribers who are not registered to the app are offered 500MB free data upon their very first installation & registration.

2. Via Zuri Chat

Zuri is the widely popular Safaricom chatbot that can be used to answer all queries related to Safaricom’s products and services. The chatbot is accessible via Facebook messenger, Telegram or WhatsApp.

Users who recommend Zuri to their contacts get 50MB free for each contact referral.

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3. Via Birthday Anniversary 

If you ever feel worried that nobody remembers your birthday, well….Safaricom never forgets! As long as you are an active subscriber, Safaricom will send you a gift of 1GB free data to spoil yourself on your birthday.

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