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4 Simple Steps To Update Your Airtel SIM Online [2022] - RadaSacco

4 Simple Steps To Update Your Airtel SIM Online [2022]

How To Update Your Airtel SIM Online [2022]

Following the CAK directive requiring Kenyan mobile network operators to update the registration details of their subscribers, majority of them have since launched online portals to enable their clients submit their ID details without necessarily visiting their outlets.

Previously, we highlighted how Safaricom subscribers can update Safaricom sim details online similar to how Telkom users can also update Telkom sim details online.

In this article, we will focus on the other major network provider (Airtel) who commands about 27.6% market share.

Similar to both Safaricom and Telkom, Airtel subscribers can also update their Airtel sim cards online using the below simple steps.

How To Check Airtel Registration Status

  • Dial *106#
  • Select option 1: ‘Registration status check’
  • Enter your Airtel mobile number

You will receive an SMS confirmation stating that your number does not have original ID images thus you are required to self update or visit any Airtel outlet with your ID.

How To Get Airtel Self-Update Registration Link

a) Via Ussd

  • Dial *106#
  • Select option 2: ‘Self SIM registration update’ to receive an SMS containing the registration link.

b) Via Airtel App

  • Download and install the MyAirtel app available from the Playstore/Appstore.
  • Enter your mobile number to complete the registration process through auto confirmation of the received OTP.
  • In the app’s dashboard, tap on the top left menu item and click on ‘SIM registration update’ to be directed to Airtel’s KYC Portal.

How To Update Airtel SIM Details Online

1. Once at the Airtel KYC Portal, enter your Airtel mobile number and click on ‘Validate and Get OTP’

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Airtel Online SIM Update Process - Phone number entry

2. Proceed to enter the 6-digit OTP code sent to your number and click on ‘Verify’

Airtel Online SIM Update Process - OTP Entry

3. On the next screen, enter your ID number and click ‘Proceed’

Airtel Online SIM Update Process - ID Number Entry

4. Upload the images of both the front & back of your national ID. Ensure that the images are in the allowed formats (JPEG/PNG) and are within the 10MB file size limit.

In the event that you upload a wrong image, use the ‘Change’ option to fix it and once you have ascertained that the images are correct, select the checkbox and click on ‘Submit’ to finalize the process.

Airtel Online SIM Update Process - ID Front & Back Upload

Upon a successful upload you will receive a notification stating that your documents have been successfully submitted against your number.

Airtel Online SIM Update Process - Successful ID Upload Notification

Later on, you will receive an SMS informing you that your images have been validated against your number.

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