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How Do I Make Safaricom Data Bundles Not Expire In 2022? - RadaSacco

How Do I Make Safaricom Data Bundles Not Expire In 2022?

How Do I Make Safaricom Data Bundles Not Expire In 2022?

Access to internet services has experienced tremendous growth especially during the COVID 19 period whereby the essential nature of social distancing brought about the working from home trend which saw a boost in revenue for the internet service providers.

Depending on preference, one may settle for a variety of options depending on the cost and speed of the internet packages on offer whereby the higher the speeds, the costly the package in addition to the required setups included such as receivers, routers etc.

Those requiring modest internet access settle for data bundles provided by the various network providers such as Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom.

However, one downside of the internet bundles in comparison to the aforementioned ISP setups is unlimited data whereby data bundles require constant renewing depending on data usage and expiry duration of the selected data bundle type.

For example, Safaricom offers two types of data bundles which include;

Bundles with expiry: This bundle type is set to deplete within a set duration irrespective of whether the allocated data is fully utilized or not.

Non-expiry bundles: This bundle type is only depleted upon full utilization of the allocated data.

How To Make Safaricom Data Bundles Not Expire

In order to make Safaricom data bundles not expire, one can opt to use the below options;

1. Activate Safaricom ‘Data Save’ features
2. Renew bundle with another one of the same validity or higher to extend expiration
3. Buy Non-expiry bundles

a. How To Buy Non-Expiry Bundles On Uwezo Tariff

Dial *544#
Select option 5: non-expiry bundles
Select option 1: to buy for your number or option 2 to but for another number
Select option 1: enter amount you wish to spend or choose any from the available list of options provided
Confirm purchase via airtime/M-Pesa
Choose whether to purchase once, daily auto renew or refill on depletion

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b. How To Buy Non-Expiry Bundles On Blaze Tariff

Dial *555#
Select option 3: Plans with no expiry
Select option 4: Data (no expiry)
Select option 1 or 2 to buy for your number or another number respectively
Select option 1 to enter your purchase amount or select from the options provided
Confirm purchase mode i.e. airtime/M-Pesa
Choose purchase frequency (once/daily auto renew)

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