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How Many Branches Does Harambee Sacco Have? - RadaSacco

How Many Branches Does Harambee Sacco Have?

How Many Branches Does Harambee Sacco Have?

With a membership of over 70,500 people, a deposit of more than Kshs21.5 billion, and assets above Kshs32 billion, Harambee Sacco is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing financial entities in the sector. Apart from the headquarters based in Nairobi, the Sacco has extended to occupy some of the major towns in Kenya.

The rapid expansion can be credited to their value for their loyal members and professional staff in the management. Apart from their diligent service to the government ministries and parastatals, their impact is also being felt by changing the lives of employees in the private sector as well as individual businesses.

Bearing in mind all the benefits and the economic empowerment that Harambee Sacco has contributed to the economic lives of members, their growth has not been a struggle. The Sacco has several branches including Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu, Nakuru, and Nanyuki.

The Nairobi Branch—The Headquarter

Harambee Sacco has its Headquarters in Nairobi at Harambee Co-op Plaza, along Haile Selassie Avenue. It is where main operations are carried out. All branches across the country not only get their instructions from Harambee Plaza but also make referrals, in incase any issue beyond their attention arises.

Nairobi has a population of over four million people, besides being the capital city, making it the best place for then Sacco to base its central operations facility. Many businesses obtain direct help from the Sacco, in terms of accessing loans and general education concerning their businesses.

The Mombasa Branch

Mombasa, apart from being the second-largest city in Kenya, is also the central place for the people in the coastal region to access their services. There are many business opportunities and demands of services that have made Harambee Sacco extend to the region.

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Mombasa offices are located at Pandheer Court, Ground Floor, along Nkrumah Road. It is a strategic place that is accessible to most people from any direction within Mombasa and the Coastal region as a whole.

The Kisumu Branch

With the coming of devolution, Kisumu has been growing pretty fast, acting as the main business base for most counties in the region. To tap into the opportunity and offer convenience to members, Harambee Sacco has located a branch at Central Square Building, along Oginga Odinga Road.

The Eldoret Branch

If you are in Eldoret and you want access to the offices of Harambee Sacco visit Daima Towers, located along Uganda Road within the CBD. You can alternatively make a call if you are not conversant with the town and you will be directed by their active and reliable customer care person.

Just as other major cities like Kisumu and Mombasa, Eldoret serves as the headquarter of the great Rift Valley Counties and some parts of the former Western Province.

The Nakuru Branch

Did you know that there are currently four cities in Kenya with Nakuru being the last born? It means that Nakuru is not only growing faster but is also an emerging economic giant making it attract both big and small investors. However, Harambee Sacco located a branch at Post Bank Building, along Nakuru-Eldoret Highway before Nakuru became a city.

The Nanyuki Branch

Though a small town, Nanyuki is rising faster to cope with its growing population and economic demand. While its proximity to Nairobi has boosted its development, Nanyuki has a great agricultural base. Harambee Sacco has located one of its branches at Hamak Building—Housing National Bank.

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Parting Sort

The rapid growth and extension of Harambee Sacco branches have been facilitated by the convenient and reliable services they offer, such as fast access to credits, the safety of members’ funds, low-interest rates, and returns on investment for members, among many other things. 

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