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How To Apply For KPLC Electricity Connection [2022] - RadaSacco

How To Apply For KPLC Electricity Connection [2022]

How To Apply For KPLC Electricity Connection [2022]

Besides the cost effective option of investing in solar equipment for electricity connection, the most conventional method used time immemorial is basically  to apply for electricity connection from Kenya Power since it is the sole entity mandated to distribute electricity nationwide.

The application process is fairly simple as it requires the applicant to possess an account via the KPLC self service portal. In order to create one, simply follow the procedure on how to register for KPLC self service portal and proceed to apply for electricity connection.

How To Apply For Electricity Connection

1. Navigate to the KPLC self service portal

2. Login to your account using the credentials provided to you via email after the account creation i.e username and password.

3. Click on ‘New supply application’ to access the customer application from requiring your details such as;

a) Customer data: this includes name, surname, middle name, birthdate, document type & number as well as your gender.

b) Customer contacts: this includes email address, telephone number, postal address and code.

c) Supply application data: this includes various segments such as;

  • Location: county, constituency, location, street, estate/village, landmark, LRN/Plot number, latitude and longitude.
  • Connection type and preferred service: prepaid or postpaid
  • Appliance info: Appliance type, consumption, units, number of appliances and total.
  • Nature & required amount of power: building constructed, connection type, contracted load, max load, phase & voltage type as well as required date of connection.
  • Correspondence verification and payment details.

4. Proceed and upload the required verification documents such as PIN, national ID, wiring certificates and ownership documents.

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5. Read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions by selecting the checkbox.

6. Check the reCaptcha box and click ‘Send’ to finalize the KPLC electricity application process upon which you will subsequently receive an email notifying you regarding the submission of your request.

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