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How to Become a Member of Harambee Sacco [2022] - RadaSacco

How to Become a Member of Harambee Sacco [2022]

How to Become a Member of Harambee Sacco

In 1969, a group of employees came together to form a marry-go-round to promote credit products e.g ussd loans, salary advance and savings among members. The marry-go-round finally came to be a Sacco and was fully registered in 1970. The Sacco has finally grown into a membership of about 80,000 people, with an asset worth Kshs30 billion and above.

Besides the Sacco boasting of effective leadership, which has steered its growth, it also has loyal members and professional management staff, which have enabled it to maintain a top position in the sector. They also value their members as one of their assets, an act that has reflected in the services they offer to members.

How You Can Join Harambee Sacco

a) Fill Out the Registration Form

Your first step when you want to become a member of Harambee Sacco is to fill out the membership form, which you can either pick from one of the branches next to you or download the form on their online portal. To the filled form, attach the needed documents—a copy of the original national ID and two colored-sized passport photos.

You can then deliver the filled form with the other required documents either physically to the nearest branch’s reception desk, use the post office to send it to the Sacco, or send it through their email address.

b) Pay Membership Fee

Harambee Sacco’s membership fee amounts to Kshs1,000, which is payable through their pay bill number, or deposit the amount through their Harambee Pesa Agents. The fee, apart from helping in processing your registration, is also significant in showing how serious you are with the membership. It is paid once and is non-refundable.

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Your application will be verified and registered in the Saccos system before a membership number is produced and sent as a notification to you.

What is Required After Registration?

a) Pay Share Capital

Share capital is the amount that gives a member ownership rights of the Sacco. In Harambee Sacco, the capital amounts to Kshs30,000, which is payable once. The amount can sound much if you want to pay it once, but the Sacco provides a chance for members who want to pay in installments until they complete the whole amount to do so.

b) Pay Monthly Installments.

The monthly installment amount allows members to borrow loans. In Harambee Sacco, you will be paying a monthly amount of Kshs300 only, which will enable you to become a member of the Loan Protection Program or sink fund. As a member, your savings will allow you to borrow a certain amount besides acting as security at the same time

c) Posses a Copy of By-laws

Upon admission as a member and paying part of your shares, plus the first month’s subscription, you will be issued with the Saccos By-laws booklet. It will enable you to be conversant with the laws and governance of the Sacco. Also, upon financing a certain amount of your share capital, you shall be granted access to the share certificate, which is stored digitally.

Who Can Join Harambee Sacco?

There are different categories of people and entities which can join Harambee Sacco. They include:

  1. Check-off Arrangement members: The category comprises government employees and non-governmental organizations with reputable history. Also, employees of Harambee Sacco fall under this category. Individuals under check-off arrangement can be categorized as individuals with regular incomes but are in informal employment, wafanisi, diaspora, and spouses and children of the Sacco members.
  2. Another category is Groups Registered NGOs and CBOs: The category comprises Self-Help groups which are registered, Non-Governmental Organizations, or Community Based Organizations. They can get membership as per Sacco’s By-laws. 
  3. Sole Proprietorships, partnerships, as well as companies, can also join the Sacco.

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