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How To Buy Unaitas Sacco Shares [2022] - RadaSacco

How To Buy Unaitas Sacco Shares [2022]

From a financial perspective, a share is referred to as partial ownership of a given financial entity obtained through purchase of shares that earn interest through annual dividends.

In Kenya, shares can be bought through stockbrokers, investment managers or individually depending on the type of shares being sought.

For example, shares bought through stockbrokers usually require CDS accounts and are mainly traded in the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE)

On the other hand, sacco shares can be purchased without any proxies and to do so, one has to meet the eligibility requirements provided by the various registered saccos available in Kenya.

In this regard, we are going to focus on how to buy shares in unaitas sacco which deals in savings accounts, loans and insurance facilities.

How To Buy Unaitas Sacco Shares

Before you decide to buy unaitas sacco shares, you need to keep in mind that unaitas sacco shares are non-refundable meaning that once they have been bought, you cannot claim back your money in the event that you need to withdraw from the sacco.

In addition, unaitas sacco shares are also non-assignable as loan security meaning that they cannot be used to get a loan from unaitas sacco.

With the above in mind, a single unaitas share costs Ksh10 and one is required to buy a minimum of 100 shares i.e Ksh1,000 to become a full member.

Inorder to buy shares in unaitas sacco, an applicant is required to be above 18 years of age with a valid national ID card.

How To Buy Unaitas Sacco Shares For Kenyan Residents

To do this, you need to visit any unaitas branch with your original national ID to open an account and buy shares.

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How To Buy Unaitas Sacco Shares For Diaspora

To do this, you are required to send an email to memberservice@unaitas.com and request for diaspora account opening forms.

Shares can be bought using three available channels which include;

  • Unaitas business number/Pay Bill : 544700
  • Any unaitas agent
  • Over the counter (OTC) at any unaitas branch available nationwide.


The difference between saving in unaitas sacco and buying unaitas sacco shares is that shares guarantee annual dividends thereby earning interest on sacco deposits.

Additionally, unaitas shares are not withdrawable but transferable to a willing buyer while sacco deposits are withdrawable after 90 days.

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