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How To Check KPLC Application Status [2022] - RadaSacco

How To Check KPLC Application Status [2022]

How To Check KPLC Application Status [2022]

One of the benefits of technological advancements is the replacement of manual processes with system processes that are both efficient in time-saving and service delivery.

Take for an example, before the adoption of the KPLC self service portal, most processes such as applications required physical presence at the KPLC office to fill out the respective application forms amidst hundreds of other KPLC customers with a similar agenda.

Nowadays, most applications including applying for KPLC electricity connection can be done online.

However, to accomplish this, one is required to register for KPLC self service portal by creating an account which will be used for all KPLC related services and inquiries.

Once the application has been made, one can monitor its progress using the procedure below.

How To Check KPLC Application Status

Use your credentials to login to your KPLC self service account.

On the main dashboard, a list of existing accounts will be displayed.

Click on the ‘New Applications’ link located at the right side of the screen to access the list of all previous applications.

From the availed list, the status of each KPLC application will be located in the 4th column labelled ‘Status’ whereby depending on the progress of each application(s) the status comments will vary.

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