How To Fix KPLC ‘ByPass’ Error & Other Meter Errors [2022]

How To Fix KPLC Bypass Error & Many Other Meter Errors [2022]

Kenya Power is regarded as Kenya’s sole distributor of electricity subject to its generation by Kengen whereby it reaches consumers via two systems i.e. postpaid and prepaid.

Consumers have the option to access the Kenya power services online via the KPLC self service portal after prior registration to the service.

Some of these services include;

Postpaid refers to payment after consumption whereby payment is usually done monthly upon receipt of the consumption statement.

On the other hand, prefers involves prior payment before consumption and is usually done through prepaid power meters commonly referred to as Customer Interface Units (CIU) which were introduced in early 2009 during the pilot phase.

The prepaid power meter contains a small screen and input buttons that allow customers to manage their power consumption.

The KPLC prepaid meters operate in a manner whereby a customer buys KPLC token units, inputs them to the meter and depending on the consumption rate, the units will decrease daily until depletion thus requiring  top-up.

The benefits of such a system in comparison to postpaid is that it helps in power consumption management as well as does not require frequent meter readings.

Types Of Prepaid Meters In Kenya

In regards to the benefits of using prepaid meters, not all meters can be adopted in Kenya. As such KPLC has made recommendations as to the specifications required for each meter type before installation.

Some of the applicable types of prepaid meters in Kenya include;

  • Actaris
  • Conlog
  • Hexing
  • Shenzhen

How To Buy KPLC Prepaid Tokens

A KPLC token is a 20-digit number allocated to one’s account number depending on the purchasing amount whereby the higher the amount, the higher the token units.

In-order to buy KPLC tokens, you are required to submit your 11-digit KPLC meter account number. In case you are not sure or do not know your account number, use the below method to find it.

How To Know Your KPLC Prepaid Account Number

Depending on the type of KPLC prepaid meter, you can easily identify your KPLC account number through the following procedure;

  • For Actaris meter, press 100 then enter
  • For Hexing meter, press 804#
  • For Conlog meter, press #100#
  • For Shenzhen meter, press 65 then enter

Once you have your KPLC account number, proceed to use either of the below Paybill numbers or USSD codes to purchase your KPLC tokens.

KPLC Token Paybill Numbers

  • KPLC Prepaid: Paybill number 888880
  • Dynamo: Paybill number 800904
  • vendIT: Paybill number 501200
  • Pesapal: Paybill number 220220

KPLC Token Ussd Codes

  • KPLC: *977#
  • Okoa Stima: *885#
  • Tingg: *369#
  • JazaPay: *415#

Common Errors Experienced When Buying KPLC Tokens

Like any other system, 100% efficiency is not guaranteed and the same can be said for the KPLC token system whereby one of the most common problems faced during purchasing KPLC tokens is the frequent delay issue.

Other SMS error messages include;

  • Organization does not exist
  • Incorrect format
  • Invalid meter number
  • KPLC meter number is blocked which is usually as a result of prolonged duration without recharging tokens, non-genuine meter or a stolen meter.

While the above are usually system based, there are some that are as a result of human error such as:

Depending on the medium used to purchase KPLC tokens, you should receive an SMS containing the important details such as;

  • KPLC meter number
  • KPLC token number
  • Number of units
  • Purchase amount
  • Applicable charges (VAT, fuel, forex, EPRA, WRA, REP etc.)
  • Date and time of purchase
  • Reference number

Proceed to feed the token number into your prepaid meter to recharge your account. However, there are some instances whereby you may encounter various malfunctions affecting your prepaid meter which can be rectified using specific codes issued by the manufacturers.

Pairing code596-986-86+Meter no.159-357-0+Meter no.
Commissioning code1275-4194-1448-6450-59700028-8230-3762-8593-2100
Troubleshooting code095095
Tripping code0000-0000-0001-5099-75840000-0000-0001-5099-7584
Pairing code1807-5773-902+Meter no.#36#+Meter no.
Commissioning code0000-0000-1375-7317-37701275-4194-1448-6450-5970
Troubleshooting code806-
Tripping code868001

In other circumstances, you may be required to implement certain techniques that will remedy the situation depending on the type of error encountered as shown below.

Common Errors Affecting Prepaid Meters And How To Fix Them.

a) How To Fix KPLC Meter ‘Plc’ Error

PLC error occurs when there is disconnection between the meter and CIU. To remedy this, make sure that the meter is plugged into a wall socket when loading, switch is on and/or check if there is a break in circuit – in houses wiring when loading.

b) How To Fix KPLC Meter ‘Connection Fail’ Error

For this type of error, confirm that sufficient power is entering the CIU by plugging directly to an electric outlet such as a wall socket without using a power extension cable. 

If this does not work, try and use heavy duty batteries/rechargeable batteries.

Alternatively, try plugging the CIU at a neighbor’s house who shares the same electric line as you or is nearer to the meter box.

c) How To Fix KPLC Meter  ‘-ve digit’ Error

This is at times caused due to bypass or the interlocking of the earth and neutral wires and may require the services of a trained electrician to sort out the error.

d) How To Fix KPLC Meter ‘Bypass’ Error

This type of error may be as a result of non-proper wiring whereby the earth and neutral wires are touching therefore requiring an electrician and at times may be due to ‘stolen’ electricity whereby a tamper code is required.

e) How To Fix KPLC Meter Blank Screen

Fully functioning prepaid meters do not display a blank screen even when the token units are depleted. The only time that this normally occurs is when there is a power outage.

Therefore, if you happen to experience a blank screen, make sure that the main power switch is ON and the CIU is firmly connected to the meter.

Alternatively, if your CIU uses batteries, change them and attempt the connection once more.

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