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How To Get Stima Sacco Dividends [2022] - RadaSacco

How To Get Stima Sacco Dividends [2022]

How To Get Stima Sacco Dividends

Whenever a new member joins stima sacco, he or she is automatically assigned three mandatory accounts that will provide access to savings, loan (salary advance) , ussd loans and investment options being offered by stima sacco.

When it comes to matters of dividends, these are usually returns payable on share capital and are based upon the performance of the company within a given year.

In stima sacco, one requires a minimum of 50 shares worth Ksh500 each to qualify for any dividend payouts.

As such, dividends for stima sacco range between 12-14% and are usually paid out annually not later than March to individuals whose loan repayments are up-to date.

All members who receive dividends receive an SMS alert with the credited amount. Funds will be credited to the Prime account after which there will be an option of withdrawing to mpesa or transfer to any of the other accounts.

How To Withdraw Stima Sacco Dividends

Withdrawal of stima sacco dividends can be done through various channels including;

  • M-Pawa app
  • Ussd code*489# and select mpesa option
  • Pesalink
  • Over-the-counter(OTC) at any stima sacco branch
  • Sacco Link ATM
  • Stima mlangoni agent
  • EFT/RTGS to another bank account.

Note: if you do not withdraw dividends, they will stay in the prime account and earn dividends.

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