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How to Join And Become A Member Of Amica Sacco [2022] - RadaSacco

How to Join And Become A Member Of Amica Sacco [2022]

Amica Sacco was formed over five decades ago by a few farmers who met to discuss a common vision of having a poverty-free community through financial empowerment. The vision was to realize savings and provide members with affordable credit facilities. Today the vision has expanded significantly to Amica Savings and Credit Society and has the vision to expand even further.

Amica Sacco has continued to enjoy crucial royalty and support from its members as it climbs the growth ladder. The vision to serve its members better and even expand beyond the region as a source of encouragement. The Sacco is always looking forward to offering its members diversified financial products and quality services e.g ussd loans, salary advance

How to Join Amica Sacco

Amica Sacco has continued to attract many members from a cross-economic field. Acquiring membership is not complicated as long as you are 18 years old and above. The membership process entails the basic procedures for joining any other Sacco in Kenya. Some of them include:

a) Fill in the Membership Form

Though the format and the details required in a specific membership may differ depending on a certain Sacco, the purpose remains the same. It is meant to capture your basic information such as full official name, physical address, email address, gender, and phone number, among other essential information. The form is usually available for download from the Saccos online platform.

b) Attach your original National Identification Card

Your official national identification card is a key document necessary when committing to serious engagement like joining a Sacco. Hence it will be required by Amica Sacco to help validate your membership. Alternatively, you can use your official passport if you have one.

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c) Attach a Copy of the KRA Pin Certificate

To avoid tax issues with the Kenya Revenue Authority, attach a copy of your KRA Pin certificate. The certificate is downloadable from the KRA portal. It will facilitate filing your tax dues and obligations as shall be required by the law.

d) Pay the Registration Fee

After filling out the application form and attaching all the relevant documents, you will pay a membership fee as the Sacco requires. It is a one-time non-refundable amount that assists in processing your membership, besides acting as a commitment fee.

e) Make the Monthly Contributions

The beauty of joining a Sacco lies in the ability to save and access affordable and friendly loan products. Therefore, you will be submitting a monthly payment of a certain amount to accumulate so that you can acquire loans.

The loans are cheaper and better than the ones from banks. The more you save, the higher loans you qualify to get to finance your development projects.

Monthly savings are refundable when you intend to terminate your membership with the Sacco by giving written notice. The management will take 60 days to process your withdrawals, and you will receive your money.

f) Contribute the Share Capital

Share capital is a one-time payment that earns you equal rights to contribute to the management of a Sacco as a shareholder. You become a shareholder or a co-owner of the Sacco, besides earning annual dividends at an interest rate.

Unlike monthly savings, which are refundable upon request when quitting a Sacco, share capital is non-refundable. However, you can transfer your shares to another Sacco member or sell it off to a potential buyer at a given fee.

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Though Amica Sacco started as a farmers-only Society, it has extended across its bonds to help many of its members access financial freedom. It offers some of the best saving plans and affordable credit facilities for the personal economic development of members.

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