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How To Join And Become A Member Of United Women Sacco [2022] - RadaSacco

How To Join And Become A Member Of United Women Sacco [2022]

How To Join And Become A Member Of United Women Sacco [2022]

With the mission to offer affordable financial services to its members to accomplish their financial goals through empowerment, United Women Sacco was formed and registered on 19th March 2001. Initially, the Sacco was formed to serve mainly professional women before expanding its boundaries in 2013 to include male members.

The Sacco has the main objective of helping its members who desire to improve themselves, build assets or their businesses by giving them economic empowerment.

It also promotes saving among members by providing them with an opportunity to accumulate funds through savings and availing of affordable loans such as ussd loans, salary advance with low-interest rates.

Why Join United Women Sacco?

Indeed, there are many Saccos in Kenya, and finding the one to join may be challenging without proper guidance and analysis. Though governance and policies may be the same, one may have more benefits than the other. The following are some of the benefits of joining United Women Sacco.

  1. Loans are processed within a short period.
  2. There is a guaranteed return on your deposit every year
  3. United Women Sacco is one of the best-managed societies
  4. It offers tailored and personalized customer services
  5. The sacco walks with you in every financial step to build a trustworthy relationship.

How to Become a Member

Becoming a member of United Women Sacco is straightforward and has nothing extreme from the normal way of joining any other Sacco in Kenya. The following steps, requirements, and procedures apply:

a) Complete application form for vetting by the Board.

Filling out a membership application form to be vetted by the Board is the first step to acquiring the Saccos membership. The form is available on the Saccos online platform, where you can download it, print it, and fill it out.

b) Complete a beneficiary nomination form

The beneficiary nomination form helps capture the details of your next of kin or any other person you would love to benefit from your savings in case you die. It helps avoid any confusion concerning your membership and savings. That may arise following your death.

c) Provide a duplicate of your ID or Valid Passport

In Kenya, a national identification card is mandatory for anyone who has attained the age of 18. The ID helps in doing important transactions and commitments. It is also key in joining a Sacco for authenticating your account.

d) Provide a duplicate of the KRA PIN Certificate.

KRA Pin is issued by Kenyan tax authorities to help in remitting your taxes. The Sacco will need it to monitor your tax and respond to any obligation on your behalf as required by the law.

e) Provide a colored passport-size photograph

You will provide a colored passport-size photo for your membership profile upon admission. It will also help in producing your Saccos membership card.

f) Pay a Registration Fee

A one-time and non-refundable registration fee of Ksh2,000 is applicable when you are joining the Sacco. It helps in processing your membership apart from being a commitment fee.

g) Maintain membership by contribution.

United Women Sacco charges a minimum of Ksh5,000 for the monthly savings—you can save more.

The accumulated savings are refundable if you want to leave the sacco by giving written notice. But withdrawals cannot be partial, according to the Sacco by-laws.

h) Submit Share Capital

Paying a share capital gives ownership right to the sacco as a shareholder. The share capital amounts to at least Ksh5,000 for United Women Sacco, you can contribute more for more dividends. The amount can be deducted from your savings until you clear the share capital.

Parting Shot

There is no doubt that United Women Sacco has transformed the lives of many women by offering financial empowerment through accumulating funds and accessing affordable credit facilities.

The Sacco also offers one of the best financial products and services one can ever dream of in a sacco.

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