How To Join And Become A Member Of Ardhi Sacco [2022]

How to Join Ardhi Sacco [2022]

With a mission to create a savings platform where members can access affordable loans and world-class finance to its members, Ardhi Sacco was registered on 5th October 1971. The principal members behind its formation were from the Ministry of Lands and Settlement. But it later extended its membership to all the government institutions and ministries, groups and individuals, and the private sector.

At its formation in 1971, members could submit monthly contributions as low as Kshs20. By 31st December 1972, the membership had risen to 746 with Ksh193,000 as share capital and loan portfolio of Ksh181,000. The Sacco has since increased in membership to 24,392 members, with active members standing at 8500 due to retirements, retrenchments, and natural attrition.

The share capital has increased to over Ksh1.6 Billion with a loan portfolio of over Ksh1.7 Billion and asset books reading over Ksh2.1 Billion. The Sacco has touched every sector of the economy by allowing the opening of different accounts like a holiday, junior, biashara, and retirement accounts.

How to Become a Member

a) Fill out the Membership Application Form

You will fill out a membership registration form to capture your essential details. The form is available at the Saccos branches or from its online portal.

b) Attach Copy of ID

As a crucial document in many aspects, you will attach a copy of your national identification card to the duly filled membership form. If you apply for the diaspora membership, you may use your original passport. The copy helps in the verification of your membership.

c) Attach Two Passport Photos

Two passport-sized photos of yourself are also essential in membership registration. They help produce your Sacco identification card when you gain membership and set up your membership profile.

d) Attach KRA Pin Certificate

You will attach your KRA Pin certificate for your tax obligations and filling. The pin helps in tracing and updating your tax requirements per KRA rules.

e) Pay Membership Fees 

After filling out the application form and attaching all the necessary documents, you will pay a non-refundable membership fee of Ksh1,000. The amount is payable once to help in processing your membership. It is also a symbol of commitment to your membership.

f) Pay Monthly Minimum Contribution 

Ardhi Sacco is mainly formed to help members save and access cheaper, more flexible loans. Therefore, there is a minimum monthly saving of Ksh2,500 or more. You can save more or commit seven percent of your basic income as your monthly savings. Usually, the more you can save, the higher your chances of securing bigger loans.

Besides securing loans, savings has many benefits, like gaining dividends at the end of every financial year. It is a security if you get hospitalized, have a court case, and others. The amount is withdrawable upon request by giving a 30-day written notice.

g) Pay Sinking Fund 

A sinking fund acts as insurance for your savings and loans. It amounts to Ksh300. In case of inability to pay your loans, your guarantors will not be forced to pay.

h) The Share Capital

It is not clear the amount, but there is a one-time payment of share capital. The capital earns annual dividends at an interest rate. It also gives you the right to contribute to democratic management and running affairs of the Sacco as a shareholder. Though you can’t withdraw share capital, you can transfer them to another member.

Ardhi Sacco has touched every sector of the Kenyan economy by providing reliable, affordable, and flexible saving plans and loans for development. Its growth has been tremendous, with members increasing every year. The management and policies are also straightforward and development-oriented.

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