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How to Join K-Unity Sacco [2022] - RadaSacco

How to Join K-Unity Sacco [2022]

How to Join K-Unity Sacco [2022]

Established in 1974, K-Unity Sacco was known as Kiambu Unity Finance Cooperative Union Limited. The establishment was due to the amalgamation of Kiambu Dairy Marketing Union and the then Limuru Marketing Operative Union. This was to facilitate saving and loan facilities e.g ussd loans, salary advance for Dairy and Pyrethrum societies within the County.

K-Unity Sacco has since experienced tremendous growth with an asset base of over Ksh5.1 billion, plus over 100,000 members in about five counties—Nairobi, Kiambu, Narok, Nakuru, and Nyandarua. Besides operating as a Sacco, it also engages in other businesses such as properties and insurance agencies. It has its members to accommodate customers from Kenya and Beyond.

Who is accommodated by K-Unity Sacco Membership?

Though K-Unity was mainly formed with members from Agricultural backgrounds, it has since expanded its boundaries to accommodate people from other institutions and professions. They include,

  1. Retired and active employees of the Teachers Service Commission
  2. Both retired and active members of the Kenya National Union of Teachers
  3. Both County and National government employees
  4. Employees from NGOs and private institutions
  5. The business community
  6. Small and large farmers
  7. Chamas and registered groups

How to Become a Member of K-Unity

The significant expansion of K-Unity Sacco has continued to attract members from every sector of the economy, professions, and the informal sectors. The process is less complicated as it needs most of the basic requirements for joining a Sacco. The following are the basic necessity to join the Sacco;

a) Filling Out Registration Form

The registration is the most essential document needed for joining any Sacco as it captures the basic yet crucial information needed for membership. It captures your official name, gender, physical address, email address, and date of birth, among others. The form can be obtained on the Saccos portal or from any of the FOSA branches country-wide.

b) ID and Passport size photo

To approve your validation, the Sacco will require a copy of your original national identification card or passport-size photo. You will also attach a passport-size photo for your membership profile and Sacco’s identification number if your membership is approved.

c) Submitting Share Capital

Share capital is the non-refundable amount you pay to the Sacco to gain full membership. Apart from gaining membership, the amount also grants you the right to be a shareholder in the Sacco earning equal rights to running the affairs of the Sacco. The Share Capital also earns you an annual dividend at an interest rate determined by the Sacco officials.

If you decide to leave the Sacco, you will transfer the share to another shareholder since you can’t withdraw the amount. If you die your nominee can inherit your membership and shares. You fill out the nominee form when you join the Sacco.

d) Monthly Submissions

The major reason why you would want to join a Sacco is to save and obtain loans for your personal development. The amount you can borrow is only determined by the amount you have saved. In K-Unity Sacco is always two times the amount of your savings. 

However, unlike the share capital, savings are withdrawable when you want to leave the Sacco. You will notify the management through writing and give them 60 working days to process your withdrawals. After processing the withdrawals, you will be notified to go collect the amount.

In Conclusion,

Though K-Unity Sacco started as a farmers’ society, its expansion across all the sectors of the economy has seen it transform the economic lives of many Kenyans. The members are able to access savings and access cheaper and reliable loans against their savings It is also one the best-managed Saccos in Kenya.

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