How to Join Kenya Police Sacco [2022]

How to Join Kenya Police Sacco

Being formed in 1972, Kenya Police Sacco is pretty old in the Kenyan financial market. It has experienced immense growth, starting with a membership of 690 individuals to 60,000 people is such good performance. Though the name ‘Kenya Police’ may depict that it only admits members from the discipline forces, its membership is open to any person as long as they are above 18 years of age.

Kenya Police Sacco is known for providing its members with some of the most competitive financial solutions, which drive them toward accomplishing their financial goals and obligations. They include affordable loans, competitive dividends, salary advances, and other development empowerments.

Who can Become a Member?

The Sacco membership is open to any individual, but the following categories of individuals and entities are the most preferred.

  1. Any retired member of the police force, from any wing in Kenya
  2. Any civil servant, or an employee salaried in the private sector
  3. A business person, running a registered and licensed business in Kenya
  4. Any couple or close relative of the above categories, who are above 18 years of age

The Process of Joining the Kenya Police Sacco

The decision to join the Kenya Police Sacco is one of the best a person can make to realize their financial visions and dreams. Apart from offering some of the best services any Sacco can provide, it has a long history of being a reputable financial institution. To join it, you should go through the following steps:

1. Fill Out an Application Form

To become a member of the Sacco, you will obtain a registration form from one of their branches near you or visit their online portal and download the application form. Fill in the form and attach copies of your original national identification card or a valid licensed passport. Also, attach a colored passport-sized photo. They help in capturing your details and storing them on the system

After the form is duly filled and all the necessary verification documents attached, walk to any nearest branch and drop the form in their office. The staff responsible for the admission of new members will go through it and get back to you.

To the application form, when doing the submission, including registration fees. The fee is payable once. Besides helping in processing your registration and admission, it also demonstrates your commitment to joining the Sacco.

2. Pay Share Capital and Monthly Contribution

One major reason why most people join Saccos is to obtain loans for development. However, to qualify for such loans, you should buy shares and commit to surrendering monthly contributions. The shares also allow you to benefit from the annual dividends of the Sacco, which are normally calculated at a percentage of your share capital and deposit. The shares also give ownership rights to the Sacco.

While the monthly deposits are also used to determine your loan eligibility, and you can only withdraw them when you cease to be a member of the Sacco, with the shares, you cannot withdraw but transfer them if you want to quit the Sacco.

Therefore, in the process of doing the application, you should pay the non-refundable share capital. The shares are payable once but the monthly deposit is something you commit to remit throughout the year. You can inquire more about the share capital from the management.

If your application is successful, you will receive a call or a message from the sacco. You will be provided with clear instructions on what to do next and what to expect going forward.


Membership in Kenya Police Sacco is voluntary and you can terminate it anytime you want. You just need to inform Sacco in writing explaining your intention of withdrawal. The process may take up to 60 days, from the day you submit your withdrawal form. You will have to clear all your liabilities.

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