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How To Get A Loan From Unaitas Sacco [2022] - RadaSacco

How To Get A Loan From Unaitas Sacco [2022]

Any member of a sacco can confidently attest to the fact that the main drive for seeking membership of any given sacco in Kenya is for attaining financial stability.

Such stability can be realized through the various benefits of a sacco which majorly include savings, dividends and loans.

Savings can be loosely defined as funds set aside for future use while dividends are the annual interest earned through purchase of a given amount of shares.

Loans on the other hand are credit advancements repayable in installments within a certain duration at a given interest rate.

In Kenya, there exist more than 100 registered saccos and among the most popular one is unaitas sacco.

Going by its pronunciation alone, the sacco aims to ‘unite us’ and transform lives through the provision of innovative financial solutions that enable the realization of dreams and aspirations.

One of the ways to achieve the above is through the provision of affordable loans to individuals and groups for various development purposes.

Unaitas sacco offers two categories of loans namely short and long term loans.

Below, we will highlight in detail the types, features and requirements on how to get a loan from unaitas sacco.


To qualify for any loan from unaitas sacco, an applicant is required to have actively operated their unaitas account for at least three months.

A loan officer will then appraise the account to determine your loan limit depending on your repayment capability.

The loan interest rates are dependent on the type of loan which can also be issued with the provision of security.

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-Inuka loan

-Kilimo poa advance

-Salary advance

-Business Quick-fix


-School fees


-Development loan

-maono group loan

-biashara loan

-project loan

-asset finance loan

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