How to Join Sheria Sacco [2022]

How to Join Sheria Sacco

With registered members of 10,000 people nationwide, Sheria Sacco has been growing tremendously after its formation in 1972. Its members are primarily from the Judiciary, private sectors, various government institutions, and anyone above 18 years with earnings. It takes pride in being one of the best-managed Saccos in Kenya.

The central core of Sheria Sacco is to empower the economic life of its members by encouraging them to save to access affordable loans. The loan products range from school fees, development, ussd loans, salary advances, and emergency loans.

Who Can Become a Member?

Though Sheria Sacco draws most of its members from the judicial sector and law departments, it has opened its doors to other public members employed by any organization registered in Kenya. However, it would be prudent to check your eligibility before starting the application process. 

Some of the groups eligible for membership include;

  1. Non-governmental organizations
  2. A spouse to the Sacco member or their immediate family
  3. Certified Public Secretaries
  4. Registered businesses persons and institutions
  5. Kenya School of Law students

The Application Process

a) A filled membership application form

Sheria Sacco’s application can either be obtained from any of their branches or downloaded from their online portal. You will be required to provide your information like email address, postal address, mobile phone number, and the details of your contribution. Business details will be required if you want to join as a business entity.

b) Copy of Your National ID or Passport.

You will attach a copy of your original ID card or passport and two passport-sized photos to capture your details for security purposes. One passport-sized photo will appear on your membership portal, while the other will help on your membership card.

c) Filled Nominee Card

The Sacco requires members to fill out the nominee card, which captures the details of the person you intend to inherit your share at the Sacco if you die. You will provide the name of the nominee and their details. They can be your spouse, sibling, family member, or anybody close to you as long as you state the relationship.

It is crucial to fill out the nominee form to avoid the confusions that might rock the transfer and clearance of your shares in the event you pass-way

d) Pay Entrance and Registration Fee

Apart from the Ksh1,000 registration fee, there is an entrance fee of Shs.1,700, which you will be requested to pay Sheria Sacco to help process your membership. Both help in processing your membership and registration process.

e) FOSA Account Opening

FOSA refers to Front Office Service Activity. The Sacco account offers transactional activities like the ones of Commercial Banks. FOSA enables members to access convenient and affordable cash transfer avenues like making deposits and withdrawals without carrying around cash. To open your account, Sheria Sacco charges Ksh500

f) Burial Benevolent Fund Registration

A benevolent fund is a mandatory monthly contribution you make to the Sacco to assist in the burial when you or your next of kin pass away. You will pay a monthly contribution of Kshs.200.

g) Monthly Contribution

There is a minimum monthly deposit of Ksh2,000, which forms part of your savings. The savings determine the amount of money you can borrow, usually three times your savings. The higher the savings, the higher the loans.

h) Share Capital

There is a non-refundable share capital of Ksh20,000 you will pay once upon joining the Sacco. You can either pay in a lump sum or pay in installments. The shares enable you to be a co-owner of the Sacco. However, the capital cannot be withdrawn but transferred to another member when you quit.

Parting Sort

Compared to banks and other credit institutions, Sheria Sacco will offer you one of the best credit facilities. Access to the management and the board of members is also allowed and is free. The mentioned factors above, plus many more, make Sheria Sacco more competitive and preferable to many investors.

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