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How To Submit Correct Bank Details To Kyeop [Link Included] - RadaSacco

How To Submit Correct Bank Details To Kyeop [Link Included]

Kyeop beneficiaries who are yet to receive their grants within their respective cycles from 5-7b now have an option to re-submit their bank account details.

As previously stated by Kyeop, some of the factors that delay grants disbursements include the submission of wrong banking information such as account name & number, bank/branch code as well as prolonged account inactivity.

To correct the bank details, use the procedure outlined below.

Navigate to the Kyeop bank details update online form and fill in the required information accurately.

For sections 1-8, you are required to;

  1. Enter your ARN number
  2. Enter the county where you attended orientation
  3. Enter your ID number
  4. Enter your beneficiary name as it appears on your ID card
  5. Select the Kyeop cycle attended during orientation
  6. Enter bank account number
  7. Confirm the bank account number entered above
  8. Select your bank from the list provided

For sections 9-12, provide the below information

9. Bank branch
10. Reason for updating the bank details
11. Other comments (if available), if not, write ‘no comment’
12. Enter your phone number

Upon completion, click ‘Submit’

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