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4 Simple Steps To Update Your Safaricom Sim Card Online [2022] - RadaSacco

4 Simple Steps To Update Your Safaricom Sim Card Online [2022]


Safaricom is regarded as among the largest network telecommunications providers in Africa owing to its wide variety of products including M-Pesa that has achieved global recognition. Being a Safaricom subscriber is as easy as purchasing a Safaricom sim card and completing the registration requirements.

As at 2020, the total Safaricom subscriber count stood at 35.6 million and the statistics have grown gradually with each passing year.

In mid 2022, a nationwide SIM verification exercise was initiated in line with the Communication Authority of Kenya guidelines requiring all network providers to update the sim details of their subscribers in a bid to curb instances of identity theft.

Initially, the exercise was set to complete by April but due to low turnout figures, it was extended to September with an option of Self sim update in contrast to the previous which required physical attendance at the network providers’ authorized locations.

As a result, all network providers including Safaricom availed online portals to allow self update of sim details from the comfort of one’s location.

How To Know The Registration Status Of Your Safaricom Sim.

From your Safaricom sim card proceed to:

  • Dial *106#
  • Select option 1 to ‘Check Registration Status’

You will receive an SMS confirming your registration details. If not yet registered, the message will state that your mobile number does not have original ID images thus requiring you to update either by visiting your nearest Safaricom outlet or via self-update.

How To Get Safaricom Self Update Registration Link


  • Dial *106#
  • Select option 2 for ‘Self SIM registration Update’ to receive an SMS whose contents are the self registration link.
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Via Zuri Chatbot


  • Download and install the MySafaricom app from the Playstore/Appstore.
  • Once registered, on the app’s homepage, click on the ‘Ask Zuri Get Help’ tab.
  • Select ‘Zuri on WhatsApp’
  • By default, the message ‘Hi Zuri’ will be available in the chat box so simply click on the send icon to initiate the conversation.
  • Proceed to select option 8: ‘Sim Registration Update’
  • By default, Zuri will display your active Safaricom number(s) so all you have to do is make a selection of the number you need to update.
  • Choose an option with which to authenticate your preferred number either via M-Pesa or service PIN.
  • For authentication via M-Pesa, select option 1: M-Pesa PIN to receive a pop-up requesting you to input your M-Pesa PIN.
  • For authentication via Service PIN, select option 2: Service PIN whereby you will be required to enter your service PIN

Upon successful authentication using any of the above options, proceed to update your sim registration details by selecting option 2: ‘Self sim registration update’ whereby you will receive a link to perform the Safaricom self sim registration update. 

Via Safaricom Web Portal

Navigate directly to the Safaricom self registration portal.

How To Update Safaricom SIM online

1. While at the portal, you are required to input your primary phone number and read, understand and accept the terms.

How To Know Your Safaricom Primary Phone Number

Your primary Safaricom number can be viewed from the registration status check performed earlier.

2. After entering your primary phone number, you will receive an SMS from Safaricom containing an OTP to be entered in the OTP field for verification so as to proceed to the next step.

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3. Select the number registered to your ID/Passport number that is to be updated.

4. Depending on the registration document selected, proceed to upload an image displaying the respective details.

  • For ID card, take & upload a picture of both the front and back
  • For passport, take & upload a picture of the bio page.

Once uploaded, click on ‘Verify’ to finalize the Safaricom self sim registration process and also receive an SMS informing you that your details have successfully been updated and the selected number(s) will now be registered under your ID.

In the event that you encounter an error especially during uploading the ID images, do not worry please follow the below steps to successfully upload your ID images.

How To Fix Upload ID Image Failed During Safaricom Self Sim Update Registration

Safaricom advises that you should take a picture of your ID on a flat white surface and ensure that all the details are visible. However, what happens if you have done exactly that and still the upload fails?

Well, there is a simple trick to counter that!

Depending on the quality of your camera, the image taken might not be recognized during upload and to counter that, you need to first take the clear pictures of both the front and back of your ID card and save them on your desktop.

Open a word document and paste each of the images then save the document as PDF (You can enlarge the images to make them more visible)

Open the PDF file and using the snipping tool, carefully crop each image, save each separately on your desktop and attempt the upload once again.

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If done correctly, you will receive the below screen notification.


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