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How To Update Your Telkom Sim Card Online [2022] - RadaSacco

How To Update Your Telkom Sim Card Online [2022]

How To Update Your Telkom Sim Card Online [2022]

According to CAK statistics report for Q2-2021/2022, Telkom is ranked 3rd in the number of active mobile subscriptions in both prepaid and postpaid categories pitting them against the industry heavyweights Airtel and Safaricom who claim the 2nd and 1st spots respectively.

Despite Telkom’s aggressive marketing strategy to widen their market share through products such as T-Kash (a mobile money transfer service equivalent to M-Pesa and Airtel Money) and ridiculously cheap internet offers, it still maintains the 3rd spot.

Consequently, in a bid to end Safaricom’s dominance, Telkom attempted a merger with Airtel, a move which later flopped due to disapproval by the national treasury.

Initially, the two network providers had also been slapped with a combined penalty of 37.8M due by CAK due to poor service quality.

Despite the above setbacks, Telkom still receives new monthly subscriptions and such proceeds with normal operations.

Recently, CAK imposed a mandatory nationwide SIM registration exercise that requires all network providers to update their subscriber SIM details and as such Telkom launched an online portal to enable its clients perform the exercise on their own.

How To Know The Registration Status Of Your Telkom Sim

From your Telkom network:

  • Dial *106#
  • Select option 1 to ‘Registration Status Check’

You will receive an SMS with your registration status. If not yet registered, the message will state that to avoid disconnection, you are required to upload both the front and back of your ID to the link provided or visit a Telkom shop.

How To Get Telkom Self Update Registration Link

a) Via Ussd *106#

  • Dial *106#
  • Select option 2 for ‘Self SIM registration Update’ to receive an SMS bearing the self registration link.
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b) Via Ussd *100#

  • Dial *100#
  • Select option 0 for ‘Self SIM registration Update’ to receive an SMS bearing the self registration link.

c) Via Telkom Online Portal

Navigate directly to the Telkom self registration portal.

How To Update Telkom SIM online

While at the customer ID upload portal, proceed to enter your Telkom phone number, ID number as well as upload both the front and back of your ID card and click ‘Submit’

How To Know Your Telkom Number

There are two methods with which you can view your Telkom number. They include;

a) Via Ussd code

  • Dial *100#
  • Select option 1 for ‘My Account’
  • Select option 2 for ‘My number’

Your number will be displayed.

b) Via Sim card holder

Your Telkom number is indicated at the back of the sim card holder used when buying the sim card.

If you have captured all the details correctly, you should receive the below notification indicating that the data capture is successful.

Common Errors During The Online Telkom Self Sim Update Process

When performing the Telkom self sim update, there are common errors that you may encounter during the process. Such include invalid file type and records not captured.

In both of these instances ensure that you have a stable internet connection, enter the details accurately and also upload the images in JPEG or PNG.

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