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How To Withdraw Money From Harambee Sacco [2022] - RadaSacco

How To Withdraw Money From Harambee Sacco [2022]

How To Withdraw Money From Harambee Sacco

Apart from valuing its customers, Harambee Sacco has one of the best customer services in the Sacco sector. They have digitized most of their transactions, including money deposits and withdrawals. Most of their customers need not travel to the Saccos offices to access their funds e.g ussd loans, salary advance since they can do it via mobile phones.

You can perform different types of withdrawals with Harambee Sacco, including cash, dividends, and shares withdrawals. Understanding how such withdrawals are performed will make your life easier by keeping you informed and updated with the status of your account. Obtaining little explanation will be enough for you to master the procedures.

The following are some of the detailed descriptions and procedures that can help you maneuver through different withdrawals with Harambee Sacco.

How to Withdraw Money from Harambee Sacco

You can use different ways to withdraw money from Harambee Sacco, including SaccoLink ATM Card, and Mobile banking—also known as M-Cash access code *357#. Both of them have different procedures to follow when carrying out the withdrawals. Follow through the explanations below to discover how it is done

a) Saccolink ATM Card

Saccolink ATM Card is a VISA card available for all Sacco members. Harambee is the first Sacco to bring the Instant Saccolink Card to their members. It is a card that allows members to access their Sacco money anytime through the bank. It helps improve services to members when they want to access some essential services. 

With the card, members can withdraw their money from any Co-operative Bank ATM machine or any other bank machine across the country. 

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Benefits of Saccolink ATM Cards

  • With Saccolink, members can access their cash from any ATM Machine anytime they need it from anywhere
  • Members can use their ATM Card to make payments like fueling their cars or shopping at the supermarket
  • Members can comfortably make any online payments such as shopping online from Amazon or paying for Netflix.

b) Mobile Banking or M-CASH access Code

For convenience, Harambee Sacco has invested in mobile banking called M-CASH, linking members’ savings accounts to their mobile phones. It is either available through the USSD code *357# or the M-CASH App available on Google Play Store.

You can use the following procedure if you choose to go the way of USSD code *357#

  1. Go to your mobile phone and dial *357#
  2. Log into your account by entering your pin
  3. Choose the service you want

How to Withdraw Shares from Harambee Sacco

To withdraw from the Harambee Sacco, you need to apply for it through the management in a formal written and signed letter. Then give the Sacco sixty days to process your withdrawal, as the law requires. Your savings will be processed and sent into your account when the application is accepted. In most cases, shares are non-refundable but are only transferable to the next Sacco member.

How to Withdraw Dividends from Harambee Sacco

Dividends refer to the sum of money you receive from the Sacco annually at an interest rate on your savings and shares. The dividends are withdrawable upon announcement and disbursements. You can access them by using your M-CASH App or the access code. The moment the dividends reflect in your account, you can use the normal withdrawal process to transfer them to your M-Pesa account.

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Bottom Line

Having online services which can facilitate cash withdrawal is an essential consideration when you want to join a Sacco. At Harambee Sacco, most transactions are found online, making cash withdrawal easy, efficient, and less costly. No time is wasted traveling to access your cash from the Sacco offices. You can also access your fund anytime and from anywhere.

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