List Of Kitui Teachers Sacco Branches & Contacts [2022]

Founded in 1967, Kitui Sacco is among the old Saccos in Kenya. Around eleven members pioneered its formation with a common focus of providing an avenue for savings and borrowing. This way, they could acquire affordable finances to improve their living standards. 

Initially, membership was drawn from Kenyan teachers but gradually became inclusive of other government ministries and organization employees which later led to the sacco’s revision of its by-laws thus adopting a command bond in 2008.

In response to its membership clocking 20,000+ people, the sacco has opted to open more branches across the country thus assisting in bringing services close to the members regardless of their regions. The branches include:

Kyuso branch
Makindu branchAlong Mombasa road –Makindu- Makueni county.
Mutito branchAlong Mutito-Endau road at Zombe market
Mutomo branchMutomo town, along Kitui Kibwezi road
Mwingi branch


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