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List Of Sacco Paybill Numbers In Kenya [2022] - RadaSacco

List Of Sacco Paybill Numbers In Kenya [2022]

When it comes to matters pertaining to financial literacy revolving around the aspects of earning, spending, saving, investing and borrowing, the majority of Kenyans tend to focus only on banking and microfinance institutions thus forgetting the existence of credit unions.

Credit unions, otherwise referred to as saccos, are financial institutions that bear the same functionalities as banks in the provision of financial services such as deposits and credit facilities in addition to other benefits.

Likewise, there also exist differences between banks and saccos with the latter bearing its own disadvantages as well thereby requiring careful considerations before deciding to join one.

With the obvious aspect of being able to own sacco equity through buying of shares for dividend purposes to making deposits for accruing interest, the key feature enabling this being the deposits and withdrawal function.

Therefore for efficiency purposes toward the above, the majority of saccos have adopted mobile banking platforms to allow members access sacco services from the comfort of their mobile phone devices via use of ussd codes, apps or paybill options.

By definition from Safaricom, a paybill is a cash collection service that allows an organization to collect money on a regular basis from clients through M-Pesa.

Other benefits of the paybill service include;

  • Real time payments
  • Low transaction costs
  • Secure transactions
  • Convenience
  • Easy funds transfer
  • Single/bulk payment transactions

However, there are certain requirements enforced by Safaricom before saccos can implement the paybill service.

Requirements To Obtain Paybill Number For Deposit-Taking Saccos

  • Accurately completed & signed Paybill Application Form and Terms & Conditions
  • Copy of sacco registration certificate and trade license.
  • Filled, stamped and sealed resolution letter signed by at least two directors.
  • Copy of directors’ & authorized signatories ID documents.
  • Directors’ & company KRA pin certificates.
  • Duly filled & completed Safaricom AML/Kenyan KYC questionnaire.
  • Cancelled cheque/letter from bank stating the sacco’s details.

Upon verification of the documents and subsequent approval, a unique 6-digit number commonly referred to as Paybill number is assigned to a specific sacco to be used by its members for all deposits.

Channels For Accessing The Paybill Option

Since the paybill service is a product of Safaricom, it is therefore accessible through their various platforms such as SIM toolkit, M-Pesa and MySafaricom app.

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a) How To Use Paybill Option Via SIM toolkit

  • Go to SIM toolkit
  • Click on ‘M-Pesa’
  • Select ‘Lipa na M-Pesa’
  • Select ‘Paybill’
  • Enter business no/Paybill no
  • Select ‘Account no’
  • Enter ‘Amount’
  • Enter ‘M-Pesa Pin’

b) How To Use Paybill Option Via M-Pesa App

How To Use Paybill Option Via M-Pesa App

  • Download and install the M-Pesa app from Playstore/Appstore
  • Complete your phone number registration
  • Launch the app and on the dashboard, click on the ‘Pay’ symbol to bring up an additional menu containing the paybill option.

c) How To Use Paybill Option Via MySafaricom App

How To Use Paybill Option Via MySafaricom App

  • Download and install the MySafaricom app from Playstore/Appstore.
  • Finalize your mobile number registration process.
  • Launch the app and on the homepage, click on the ‘M-Pesa’ symbol located at the bottom menu.
  • Proceed to tap on the ‘Lipa na M-Pesa’ symbol and select ‘Paybill’ option

Besides the above options, there are also third party apps such as digital banking apps and loan apps that integrate the paybill option to their services.

For a successful transaction via Paybill, there are two important sections that require accurate details. These include;

  • Account number
  • Paybill number

Where To Get Sacco Account Number

Saccos usually assign different account numbers depending on their product variety. These account numbers can be membership no, ID no, shortcodes/transaction codes or a combination of either

What Are Sacco Paybill Shortcodes?

These are usually shortcodes assigned to various products offered by different saccos e.g

  • For advances, the code is ADV
  • For deposits, the code is DEP
  • For asset financing, the code is ASF

These shortcodes normally form a section of the account no by referencing the individual product i.e

  • Membership no + shortcode
  • National ID no + shortcode

Sacco Paybill Numbers 2022

Below are the official paybill numbers for the 300+ licensed saccos in Kenya.

Sacco namePaybill number
2NK Sacco Paybill number4017021
Acumen Sacco Paybill number432395
Afya Sacco Paybill number570200
Agro-Chem Sacco Paybill number
Ainabkoi Sacco Paybill number
Airports Sacco Paybill number182239
Amica Sacco Paybill number162180
Ammar Sacco Paybill number
Ardhi Sacco Paybill number305750
Asili Sacco Paybill number638018
Azima Sacco Paybill number531231
Bandari Sacco Paybill number146320
Baraka Sacco Paybill number
Baraton Univesity Sacco Paybill number
Biashara Sacco Paybill number400300
Bi-High Sacco Paybill number
Bingwa Sacco Paybill number400200
Boresha Sacco Paybill number545500
Capital Sacco Paybill number520100
Centenary Sacco Paybill number700300
Chai Sacco Paybill number544200
Chuna Sacco Paybill number561999
Chuka University Sacco Paybill number
Cosmopolitan Sacco Paybill number973100
County Sacco Paybill number798620
Daima Sacco Paybill number
Defence Sacco Paybill number907116
Dhabiti Sacco Paybill number524200
Dimkes Sacco Paybill number804800
Dumisha Sacco Paybill number347925
Eco-Pillar Sacco Paybill number170533
Edis Sacco Paybill number
Egerton Sacco Paybill number798073
Elimu Sacco Paybill number969800
Enea Sacco Paybill number
Faridi Sacco Paybill number412398
Fariji Sacco Paybill number519374
Fortitude Sacco Paybill number
Fortune Sacco Paybill number852648
Fundilima Sacco Paybill number
GDC Sacco Paybill number639498
Golden Pillar (Imenti) Sacco Paybill number871100
Good Faith Sacco Paybill number912610
Good Hope Sacco Paybill number
Good Way Sacco Paybill number
Gusii Mwalimu Sacco Paybill number
Harambee Sacco Paybill number525200
Hazina Sacco Paybill number850436
Home Business Sacco Paybill number
IIkosonko Sacco Paybill numberLoitokitok/Rombo: 323730
Kimana: 323731
Imarika Sacco Paybill number350050
Imarisha Sacco Paybill number982100
Invest & Grow Sacco Paybill number
Jacaranda Sacco Paybill number
Jamii Yetu Sacco Paybill number587649
Jitegemee Sacco Paybill number962843
Joinas Sacco Paybill number317150
Jumuika Sacco Paybill number599833
Kabiyet Sacco Paybill number
Kencream Sacco Paybill number400200
Kenpipe Sacco Paybill number593427
Kenversity Sacco Paybill number577820
Kenya Achievas Sacco Paybill number
Kenya Bankers Sacco Paybill number400444
Kenya Highlands Sacco Paybill number825920
Kenya National Police Sacco Paybill number4027903
Kimbilio Daima Sacco Paybill number
Kimisitu Sacco Paybill number911200
Kingdom Sacco Paybill number521000
Kite Sacco Paybill number
Kitui Teachers Sacco Paybill number417125
Kolenge Tea Sacco Paybill number
Koru Sacco Paybill number
K-Pillar Sacco Paybill number
K-Unity Sacco Paybill number
Kwetu Sacco Paybill number
Lainisha Sacco Paybill number
Lamu Teachers Sacco Paybill number
Lengo Sacco Paybill number
Mafanikio Sacco Paybill number
Magadi Sacco Paybill number
Magereza Sacco Paybill number
Maisha Bora Sacco Paybill number600110
Mentor Sacco Paybill number
Metropolitan National Sacco Paybill number944600
Mombasa Port Sacco Paybill number854845
Mudete Factory Tea Growers Sacco Paybill number
Muki Sacco Paybill number469988
Mwalimu National Sacco Paybill number
Mwietheri Sacco Paybill number350050
Mwito Sacco Paybill number339650
Nacico Sacco Paybill number
Nafaka Sacco Paybill number
Nandi Farmers Sacco Paybill number
Nation Sacco Paybill number
Nawiri Sacco Paybill number505368
Ndege Chai Sacco Paybill number637637
Ndosha Sacco Paybill number
New Fortis sacco339450
Nexus sacco
Ng'arisha sacco
NRS sacco238447
NSSF sacco819890
Nufaika sacco799090
Nyala Vision sacco961900
Nyambene Arimi sacco727269
Nyati sacco
Ollin sacco350050
Orient sacco802400
Patnas sacco
Prime Time sacco
Puan sacco
Qwetu sacco129104
Rachuonyo Teachers sacco
Safaricom sacco505100
Sheria sacco964700
Shirika sacco177683
Shoppers sacco888950
Simba Chai sacco166586
Siraji sacco986900
Skyline sacco116519
Smart Champions sacco990120
Smart-Life sacco
Solution sacco997960
Sotico sacco510500
Southern Star sacco512700
Stake Kenya sacco844900
Stawisha sacco
Stima sacco823244
Strategic-Urembo sacco813368
Suluhu sacco737816
Supa sacco587041
Tabasamu sacco
Tabasuri sacco839150
Tai sacco644700
Taifa sacco930642
Taqwa sacco275233
Taraji sacco926500
Telepost sacco822221
Tembo sacco593643
Tenhos sacco430179
Thamani sacco170573
The Apple sacco857850
The Noble sacco208600
Times-U sacco542400
Tower sacco506900
Trans-elite county sacco
Trans Nation sacco
Trans-counties sacco
Trans-National Times sacco
Ufanisi sacco979150
Ukristo na Ufanisi wa Anglikana sacco520900
Ukulima sacco953400
Unaitas sacco544700
Uni-county sacco
Unison sacco884219
United Nations sacco528700
Universal Traders sacco503500
Ushuru sacco892800
Vihiga county farmers sacco
Viktas sacco873200
Vision Afrika sacco913812
Vision Point sacco
Wakenya Pamoja sacco115380
Wakulima commercial sacco708209
Wana-Anga sacco925900
Wananchi sacco899410
Wanandege sacco956200
Washa sacco132858
Waumini sacco700100
We-Varsity sacco
Winas sacco879600
Yetu sacco512100

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